J'adore les Preps <3

More than popped collars and rockin the pearls.

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?Life's just better topless?
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This is a community for the juiciest preps of them all. You think your preppy? Let us decide.

o1. Do not use rich text mode on the application.
o2. When applying switch the lj cut to hear the rain and touch our fingers.
o3. When applying put leave room for the extreme in the subject box.
o4. Do not talk rudely to the mods/co mods.
o5. You must post at least once a week.
o6. After being accepted give us a somewhat small picture to put on the members page.
o7. If someone votes no, don't get offensive. If you start an arguement, you will be rejected and banned. If you can't handle being rejected, don't join, because chances are, you will get atleast one "no" vote.
o8. Give us at least 3 pictures in the app. More are welcome, no less, no links.
o9. If rejected, you can re-apply in 5 days. You have to have at least 1 new picture to re-apply.
o10. 14 yrs+ (contact a mod if that's a problem)
o11. Don't reply to every post unless a member asks you a question or they have an undecided vote and you need to sway them.
o12. DoN`t TyPe LyKe DiiSs. This isn't called xretard_juicex.
o13. Being rude or disrespectful to mods or other members while applying because you dont like their opinions, you will be REJECTED and BANNED.
o14. Please fill out an application within 24 hours of joining, and fill out every question.
o15. If you are already a member of jad0re_beauty (our sister community), please post that instead of an app, you are automatically accepted. Don't just join jad0re_beauty and then apply here, if you do then you will be banned and rejected .

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Our new theme, is pics what's in your own little world. Your room, your school, the sign for your local McDonalds. Whatever is yours and tickles you fancy. Try to show some personality!


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